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Prof. R.K Dhiman

Director, SGPGIMS

Prof. Sanjay Dhiraj

Chief Medical Superintendent, SGPGIMS

Prof. Vimal K Paliwal

Medical Superintendent, SGPGIMS

Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, is a Super-Speciality Teaching and Training Medical Institution, situated to the Southeast of Lucknow City on Lucknow-Raebareli Road, and is nearly 12 Km from the main (Charbagh) railway station, Lucknow Airport and city center (Hazratganj). From the railway station, private buses (route 3) run to the Institute at short intervals. Alternatively, pre-paid auto-rickshaws taxis are also available for travel to the Institute. The hospital is located nearly 1 Km away from the Institute main gate and a regular free shuttle bus makes a to-and-fro trip every 10-15 minutes. The Institute has 1609 beds, including 276 ICU and 87 HDU beds. It has 39 operationtheaters with state of art facilities. It runs 150 approx outpatient clinics of different specialties every week.

The institute has presently following specialties:-

1 Pain Management

2 Biostatistics and Health Informatics

3 Cardiology

4 CriticalCare Medicine

5 Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

6 Emergency Medicine

7 Endocrinology

8 Endocrine Surgery (including Breast Surgery)

9 Gastroenterology

10 Surgical Gastroenterology (including Hepatic biliary pancreatic surgery and liver transplantation)

11 Hematology

12 Clinical Immunology and rheumatology

13 Medical Genetics

14 Microbiology

15 Maternal and Reproductive Health

16 Plastic Surgery and Burns

17 Paediatric Surgical Supar Specialty

18 Pulmonary Medicine

19 Nephrology (including Renel transplantation)

20 Neurology

21 Neurosurgery

22 Neonatology (including neuro-otology)

23 Nuclear Medicine

24 Pathology

25 Pediatric Gastroenterology

26 Radiodiagnosis

27 Radiotherapy

28 Transfusion Medicine

29 Urology (including Renel transplantation)

30 Molecular Medicine

31 Hospital Administration

32 Opthalmology

33 General Hospital

34 Hepatology

In addition, the Apex Trauma Centre (ATC) provides following services:-

1 Orthopedics

2 Trauma Surgery

3 Physical Medicine and rehabilitation

The hospital works as a referral hospital and patients are required to bring a referral slip from the referring physician. The referring physicians are requested to indicate the nature of patients' problem, including investigation done and treatment provided, the specialty at the Institute they wish to refer the patient to and the nature of help required from the Institute. The Institute hospital endeavours to work on an appointment system. Thus, the patients are expected to re-visit the Institute hospital only on appointed days, except in case of an emergency. For blood transfusion, the Institute relies entirely on its own blood bank and expects the patients' family and friends to provide replacement blood donors.

The Institute is a paid hospital and thus, patient have to bear the cost of all test and treatment. Facilities are available only on payment and there is no provision for free treatment or investigations. However patients belonging to the category of B.P.L. and Asadhya Rog (as per govt. order) are provided free indoor treatment. Patients and their relatives are advised to contact Patient Welfare Cell located in the New OPD (Block and floor) for this free treatment facility. Drugs, consumables and investigation facilities are provided round the clock at bedside for inpatient and for outpatient medicines are available on same price at OPD Pharmacy through the Institute’s “Hospital Revolving Fund” which is fully computerized and online.
The “Investigation Revolving Fund” provides uninterrupted self-sustaining investigational facilities to both indoor and outdoor patients at subsidized rates.

It is highly recommended in the interest of patient safety that those patients needing Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facility should not be shifted to the hospital without the prior permission of ICU in-charge (0522-2495485,2495487). It is more likely that ICU beds may not be available instantly.

Emergency facilities:-
The Institute caters to emergencies relating to the specialties existing at the Institute. Since the hospital does not have several specialties, it does not cater to general medical emergencies. Patients whose illness does not relate to the specialties at the Institute are provided the initial first aid and referred to other institutions. Patients (relatives) are requested to contact public Relation Officer/ Emergency Reception Station before shifting patient to EMERGERCY in the interest of patient safety. Beds in EMERGENCY WARD may NOT be available all time.

Phone: 0522-2494000, 2496000, 2668700, 2668800, 2668900, 2668004 - 2668008 PUBLIC RELATION COUNTER:0522-2494070, 2494071 EMRTC (Public Relation): 0522-2493101

Other facilities:-
The Institute campus has several facilities for patients and their attendants. These include:

1. OPD Pharmacy for drugs and medical consumables for registered patients ONLY.

2. PRA (Patients Relative’s Accommodation): This accommodation is available to relatives of patients admitted to the hospital, on payment basis.

3. Vishramalaya: This day-time facility is available for patients and relatives visiting the outpatient department, on a nominal payment (7AM to 7PM). The facility includes lockers, a place to relax, a restaurant, bathrooms, toilets, etc.

4. Cafeteria in hospital area for snacks and lunch

5. A branch of State Bank of India

6. Post-office with speed-post facilities.


Important contact number for Information:-
EPABX No 0522-2494000, 2495000, 2496000, 2668004-08, 2668700, 2668800, 2668900
Fax No 0522-2668017, 2668078
Public Relation Counter (24 * 7) 0522-2494070, 2494071
BPL/AsadhyaRog free treatment facility (9:30 AM to 5:00 PM) 0522-2496068
Patient relative’s accommodation (24 * 7) 0522-2495302
Kamdhenu Society (9:30 AM to 5:00 PM) 0522-2495036
Vishramalaya 0522-2494788
OPD Contact Information:-
OPD Name Location Phone No.
Anaesthesiology Pain clinic New OPD Building Ground Floor (D Block) 2496085-86
Cardiology New OPD Building 1st Floor (C Block) 2496131-32
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery New OPD Building 1st Floor (A Block) 2496100-01
Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology New OPD Building 2nd Floor (C Block) 2496243-44
Endocrinology New OPD Building 2nd Floor (B Block) 2496221-22
Endocrine Surgery / Breast Surgery New OPD Building 2nd Floor (A Block) 2496200-01
Gastroenterology New OPD Building 4th Floor (B Block) 2496421-22
Hematology New OPD Building Ground Floor (D Block) 2496075-76
Hepatology New OPD Building 4th Floor (A Block) 2496400
Maternal and Reproductive Health PMSSY Building Ground Floor 2495603
Medical Genetics New OPD Building 4th Floor (C Block) 2496446-47
Neonatology PMSSY Building Ground Floor 2495650
Nephrology / Renel Transplant New OPD Building 3rd Floor (C Block) 2496345-46
Neurology New OPD Building 3rd Floor (B Block) 2496321-22
Neurosurgery / Neuro-Otology) New OPD Building 3rd Floor (A Block) 2496300-01
Nuclear Medicine Main Building (F Block) 249429, 2494777
Opthalmology New OPD Building 5th Floor (B Block) 2496315-16
Pediatric Gastroenterology New OPD Building 4th Floor (A Block) 2496400-01
Paediatric Surgical Superspecialities PMSSY Building Ground Floor 2495620
Pulmonary Medicine New OPD Building 2nd Floor (D Block) 2496226-27
Plastic Surgery PMSSY Building Ground Floor 2495605
Radiotherapy New OPD Building 4th Floor (C Block) 2496448-49
Surgical Gastroenterology New OPD Building 4th Floor (D Block) 2496467-68
Urology New OPD Building 3rd Floor (D Block) 2496367-68